Outbound Equipment Shipment

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Outbound Equipment Shipment

Postby nwsppca1_phpBB3 » Wed May 27, 2015 11:25 am

Shipments are how inventory is added or removed from your warehouse.

The shipment out input screen is shown below.

shipout.png (30.61 KiB) Viewed 948 times

A shipment out is different from a shipment in, in several ways.

On an out the key owner field is Ship From.

equipment and subs will only show up in the Master File Section if the owner has a quantity of one or more for that piece of equipment/sub.

When you select a piece of equipment/sub if that piece is set to include serial numbers you will be prompted with the dialogue box (shown below) to select a rack/serial number combination present for that piece.

NOTE: To add an item select the item description from the Master File section and enter the quantity for that item.

This action is highly discouraged for items that have serial numbers. The reason being that all items must be selected independently before you are able to complete your shipment out. (i.e. setting the quantity to 999 from one results in a mandatory selection of serial/rack number 998 times)

The maximum quantity for any item is the amount of that item that the owner has in stock.

The maximum quantity for ALL items on a shipment out is 10,000

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