Importing Weatherford Equipment Details

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Importing Weatherford Equipment Details

Postby nwsppca1_phpBB3 » Wed May 27, 2015 11:30 am

In order to streamline operations at Weatherford Canada Partnership it is important that all yards ordering from Weatherford are using the same product numbers, weights and descriptions. The following will provide you with the steps necessary to start your Weatherford equipment from scratch.
Prior to executing the methods outlined below, be sure that you have the most current version of the Weatherford stock information text file. This tab delimited file is most commonly named “Legacy2JDE II.txt” and contains the JD Number, Legacy Number, Item Description and Weight in that order. Please save this file locally to your computer and make note of the location where it is saved.

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Import Entire Weatherford Equipment List
Open Tallys! and navigate to the Weatherford Canada Partnership owner record to which you wish to import the equipment items. Please make a note of the Owner No. associated with that record.

Return to the Tallys! main menu and click ‘Tools’ on the menu bar and then click ‘Execute Command’. In the Command area, please type ‘callWeaImport’ and click ‘OK’.

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When prompted, please type in your Weatherford yard number and click ‘OK’. For the purposes of this example we will use ‘17079’.

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The next window will ask you to enter the Owner No. associated with the Weatherford Canada Partnership owner record. This is the value you made note of in an earlier step. Please enter the Owner No. into the field provided and click ‘OK’.

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Please select the radio button next to ‘Import Entire Equipment List’ in the next window and click ‘OK’.

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You will next be prompted to locate the text file which contains the Weatherford equipment information. As discussed above the file is commonly named “Legacy2JDE II.txt”. Please navigate to the location where you saved this file, click on the filename and then click ‘Open’.
A status window will appear on your screen which shows the importing of the equipment items. Once the import is complete, the window will be closed. You can now go into your equipment list for the Weatherford Owner No. and you will see all the equipment items listed.

Congratulations! Your Weatherford equipment items are loaded and ready to use.

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