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Tally OUT

Postby nwsppca1_phpBB3 » Wed May 27, 2015 12:00 pm

A Tally OUT is used to move pipe off of a rack and typically out of your yard.

The Tally OUT screen is shown below.

TallyOUT.png (71.39 KiB) Viewed 967 times

The first thing to do when making a new Tally OUT is to enter the Ship From Owner and then Rack. Selecting a rack first will prompt Tallys to auto-populate your tally with the selected rack's associated owner.

Once an owner and rack are selected you can enter the data fields near the top left (Location, Rig No, etc), or you can skip straight to selecting joints.

To select joints to a Tally enter the number of joints you want (maximum of 1800), or the length of pipe you want to transfer (this will allow no more than 1800 joints to be added). Due to the fact that a tally out assumes LIFO (Last in first out) this will go to the closest size it can rounding up with the pipe moving down from the top. This means that if you choose a length of 200, Tallys will automatically choose enough pipe to get you at least 200.

NOTE: you need to press tab to leave the field in order for Tallys to automatically populate the joint count or length.

Once you have selected the joints, click on 'Post' to remove the inventory from the selected rack..

You can 'Save & Close' the tally at any time to be brought back up later, but inventory will not be moved to the rack until you 'Post' the tally.

Load Slip

When printing your Tally Out, you are given the option of printing a load slip for your forklift operator.

OutPrintDialog.png (12.06 KiB) Viewed 967 times

The load slip will provide your loader operator with the number of joints that should be sitting on the top tier of your rack, as well as which tier that should be, prior to the outbound movement. It also provides the number of joints that should be sitting on the top tier after the movement has taken place.

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